St Francis Bird Feeders

If you are looking for a natural or spiritual setting in your yard, there are few things that are more appropriate than a St Francis bird feeder. The stories of St Francis of Assissi are often associated with nature and wild animals.

Born in the 1200's originally to a life of wealth and privilege, he eventually chose to lead a different like. The founder of the Catholic order of Franciscans, his followers took a vow of total poverty and often lived in the wild. There are stories of how St Francis was preaching and chose to speak to the birds who then followed him on the rest of his trip. Another time the local village was living in fear of a wild wolf that was killing their wild stock and hurting some of the villagers, St Francis went out alone to find the wolf (no one else would go with him) and he brought the animal back to the village and it was domesticated and no longer caused problems for the villagers of Gubbio.

St Francis is also famous for creating the first Nativity scenes.

With a rich tradition like that, it's no wonder that St Francis birdfeeders are a favorite of gardeners everywhere. You can them as simple statuettes, often holding a basket in his hands or set at his feet that serves as the actual feeder. Another popular style is a plaque that can be mounted on a wall, out of harms way if you have pests like squirrels or cats that can cause problems with your feeders.

A St Francis bird feeder, a great addition to your back yard.