Make a Your Own Bird House with a Kit

Attracting wild birds to your backyard is always a fun activity, and with a wood birdhouse kit you also get the satisfaction of creating the birdhouse on your own. You can follow the directions exactly, or you can easily personalize it to create a one of a kind "masterpiece."

These come in a variety of styles, one of the most popular are the log cabin birdhouses, but you will find all sorts of cottages and other craft kits as well.

Birdhouse Kits for Kids - These are some of the most popular, and certainly affordable kits. Often sold in the toys and games sections of stores, these bird houses are usually simpler to build and with the precut wood pieces you can avoid some of the more dangerous parts of woodworking for small hands. Some of the more popular manufacturers of kits for kids are Pine Pro and Toysmith. There is also one from the popular Melissa and Doug Series, as well as the Tim Allen series. Building a bird house with your children can be a great rainy day project that will be visible for years to come. If you're up to the challenge, you can let them paint the house for a real personal touch.

You will also find children's foam kits, which are not really intended to serve as birdhouses but are more of an instructional activity for little hands.

If you find these kits to be too simple, you might want to try looking at some birdhouse plans, since the materials list is usually straightforward enough that it's not much more work than a kit.