Want to attract wild birds and critters to your backyard?

Trying to preserve a small corner of nature in your backyard?

Looking for that perfect bird house or bird feeder?

We want to help!

Our Goal is to provide articles of interest to anyone interested in attracting wild birds to their backyard, patio, or balcony. You'll find informational articles, as well as product reviews for birding accessories and many different types of bird houses, bird feeders or bird baths.

For example, we feature some information on squirrel proof bird feeders different styles of bird houses, or a look at solar powered bird baths.

With over 50 species of birds that will nest in houses in the US, there are lots of possibilities as far as the right birds to attract, the right house to use, and the right look for your back yard. We can't possibly cover all the possible bird houses and feeders, but we will take a look at some of the more popular. We also take a look at some tips to help maintain your backyard haven for the birds, with articles like tips on cleaning hummingbird feeders, keeping birds from flying into windows, and more.

There are many great vendors of birding accessories and houses and some different styles or themed feeders like St Francis bird feeders, and we have a look at some from a variety of vendors, so you can choose the best for your needs.


Jay Ruppel

For more information on birding here are some birding resources.